The Gods of Timor are listed in order of power and import.

Armidein, Over-god of balance, harmony, life, death, creativity


The Walker of Worlds, Greater god of the hunt, heroism, Change, Planes, Movement


Crystalia, intermediate goddess of Space, the stars, void, fate, destine, Chance

The Torchbearer, The Archer (Xiladln),intermediate god of Life, Death, Undeath, Redemption, Choice

The Green Woman (Aureolin), lesser goddess of Animals, nature, weather, Fertility

Smasher (The Hammer), intermediate god of Strength, competition, combat, Fitness, Intimidation

Horus The Lawgiver, demigod of reason, Knowledge, Wisdom, intellect and study

Dragon King Koygra, lesser god of Dragons, Loyalty, Wealth, Nobility

Pelor, god of sun, light, strength and healing.

Bahamut, intermediate god of good (metallic) dragons, wisdom and the wind. (also the
monster power of good dragons) (Deities & Demigods)

Tiamat, intermediate goddess of evil (chromatic) dragons, conquest, greed and cruelty. (also the monster power of evil dragons) (Deities & Demigods)


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